Thursday, 14 February 2013

Gocco Love

What is Gocco? 

My Gocco wedding invitation.

Gocco is a do-it-yourself at home screen-printing machine that is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Gocco was invented by Riso, in 1977, and quickly became popular in Japan as a means to create personalised greeting cards. It took a while for Gocco to make its way overseas to North America, but when it did it quickly picked up a following of artists and DIYers who began to do amazing things.

Our simple but sweet thank you cards

I first discovered Gocco’s a year ago when I decided I wanted to do something a little different for our wedding invitations. I loved all the handmade inked drawings I saw artists making, and knew it was the right way to go. I knew if I didn’t use it for invitations I would find good use of it.

My Gocco is a PG-5 model (a slightly older and smaller model), newer ones are available.

a)screens b) gocco printer c) lightbox
d) colour blocker e) carbon pencil f) lightbulbs in box g) notepad for sizing and practised h) blue filter
i) ink made for gocco printers
Unfortunately Gocco’s have been discontinued. The Gocco printers and materials have become more difficult to find. You can still order them online from a few sources (that’s where I purchased mine).  I’ve listed retailers that supply materials, inks, screens, bulbs, below. Also I'm working on a tutorial so stay tuned! Happy Goccoing!


Gocco Suppliers

Gocco Sites for Artist and Enthusiast

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  1. That looks like a neat machine, I like the invitation it created. Thanks so much for following along at Make it Create! Happy Valentines Day!
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